Friday, January 06, 2006

Managing paper?

Got an e-mail this afternoon from the training department of a certain organisation inviting me to go on a paper management course ("a practical workshop for those wishing to take control of the paper they have to handle in the course of their work") - and (wait for it!) - pay over £200 (+ VAT) for the privilege! It sounded so ridiculous I almost thought it was a joke at first. I just can't believe how anyone would be prepared to part with this kind of money to be taught how to put e-mails and invoices into files, stick them on their desk or perhaps more fittingly in the bin.

The aim of this one-day "workshop" is apparently to "reduce the amount of paper that
arrives at their desk, and to deal with it quickly and effectively".
The course includes such learned skills as "the 'clear your desk' system", "golden rules of paperwork" and "General rules for filing".
What a load of total and utter bollocks.
I wonder if the consultancy firm dishing out this invaluable advice could cash in on their mountains of expertise by running courses in shit-shovelling management for pig farmers? In an age where universities teach Mickey Mouse degrees in equine studies or golf management this wouldn't surprise me.
Though, having said all that I'd be quite happy to conduct this workshop myself for £50 an hour or whatever the going rate is.
If the people who run courses like this want to take the piss by spouting shite maybe they should be made to go on bowel and bladder management courses.

Still, I'm glad it's Friday...

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