Saturday, April 22, 2006

Geldof has a few Bob to spare

Following on from the previous post, there’s an article in the Belfast Telegraph flagged up by Slugger O’Toole about the Sunday Times Rich List.
Apparently Bob Geldof, described ironically as an “anti-poverty campaigner” comes fifth in the Irish entertainers' list with an estimated fortune of £35m. He’s certainly been highly successful in campaigning against his own poverty. Geldof and Bono’s combined incomes and assets could go a long way towards feeding Africa. It's a pity they don't both go and live there.


Caroline said...

I seem to recall that Bob Geldof lost everything at the time of Live Aid by funding aid from his own pocket. He was supposedly dependant on Paula Yates as a result. While he may be a pain in the arse, he's done some good or at least tried to. I dont think Bono has put his money where his mouth is to the same degree... but I have no proof of either. :)

CW said...

You could be right there Caroline. Whatever your opinion of Geldof is, I suppose you have to have a grudging admiration for him after all the work he put into Live Aid. And he wasn't a bad musician in his day either. "I don't like Mondays" and "Banana Republic" stand out as two classic compositions as well as compelling social commentaries reflecting the spirit of the times. I'm afraid you can't say the same for Bono though.