Monday, May 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Crud

OK, I know all the reviews said it was crap, but I went to see it anyway to find out if they were right.

They were.

2½ hours of drivel containing a ridiculously implausible plot that just couldn’t be taken seriously. They could have at least curtailed the agony by reducing it to half that length and it wouldn’t have made much difference. Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen, Audrey Tatou, Alfred Molina and Jean Reno are all good actors in their own right. They’ve all starred in quality films before, so why did they waste their time with this bollocks? If you want to see a decent film about the Holy Grail, then stick to Monty Python.

However, an interesting piece of trivia is that the getaway car used in the scene after the plane lands in England has a Fermanagh registration number – CIL something. I won’t erne any plaudits for pointing that out though. Crap pun, I know, but then so was the film. Still, they should do an Irish version and call it the McGlinchey Code.
Staying in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest would have been a much better idea. At least it would have been mildly entertaining. A waste of good celluloid. Enough said.


Lorainne said...

Why did you go and see it Ciaran knowing of all the bad reviews?? - did some misguided individual persuade you to do so??? ;-) I thought is was the worst film I have seen possibly ever. However unlike you it was the film I hated not the idea and actually I have now had a look at the book and quite enjoyed it - I have also read Angels and Demons also by Dan Brown and this is really good. The problem is that Da Vinci does not translate well into a film as it has too many ideas and not enough dialogue, although it could have been done a lot better than it was and it was far too long. I did think the albino priest was strangely attractive though........

Lorainne said...

I meant that the actor playing the priest was strangely attractive, not that I fancy priests as a general rule or find self harm and membership of Opus Dei to be desirable qualities in a man.

CW said...

They must be having an Opus field Dei with all the publicity they're getting from that film.