Thursday, June 01, 2006

Discharge of the light(headed) (fire)brigade

I came across a brilliant article in a leading legal journal (I don’t generally read illegal journals) on the precautions firms should take to protect their IT systems from sabotage by disgruntled former employees intent on revenge.

There were stories of employees having been dismissed and then going on to hack into their ex-employers’ systems and wiping out valuable data. Other cases involved people who had deliberately crashed company cars or “lost” the keys to them.
But one particular incident of note was when an individual was given the boot by his company and escorted off the premises. He then went to a local pub to drown his sorrows and got suitably intoxicated. He subsequently re-entered his former place of work and locked himself inside the main computer suite. As a fitting form of vengeance he threatened to urinate on the servers and telecommunications rack. However he decided against this course of action when warned of the danger that he could electrocute himself.

I don’t know what happened next, but the phrase “taking the piss” takes on a whole new meaning here.


Lorainne said...

Ciaran I am sure you do read plenty of illegal journals.

On the subject of disgruntled ex-employees I did work with one guy who was sacked by our very tolerant boss - to be sacked by this boss you would need to be even more crap at your job than the man himself which was very very crap indeed. Anyway I digress - after this gentleman, lets call him Mr M, was escorted from the building by said boss, we began receiving a lot of new business phonecalls (this was a sales and marketing dept of a publishing house) - one day all three of the sales reps had separate meetings at different times of the day with what they believed to be a major new client which later turned out to be Mr M. On one meeting he wore a wig apparently and another a pair of shades and a baseball cap. After his sceme was discovered he didn't stop there - he began harassing one of the female employees - an older lady who never spoke much and he apparently got her to meet him for a date (pretending to be someone she knew)

Antonio from Italy said...

this is an interesting way to seek revenge ;-)

Lorainne said...

Antonio have you ever sought revenge on any former employers???
Another question - when did your love affair with Ireland begin???