Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Old Firms die hard

"He's put many smiles on Celtic faces over the years. He might even have put some smiles on Rangers faces with that goal."

ITV commentator during England v Sweden match after ex-Celtic player Henrik Larrson equalizes for Sweden in the dying minutes.

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Lorainne said...

Of course he would have because neither of the Scottish teams are too keen on England although they do hate each other even more. In fact I don't think the English themselves are too keen on England because at work today a couple of the Australian girls were going on about how well Australia played against Brazil even though Australia lost. Whereas those supporting England were comiserating about the DRAW between England and Sweden yesterday and saying that now Owen is injured England are sure to lose. Pessimistic or what??? This is why England haven't won the world cup for 40 odd years - all the depressing negative vibes given off by the so called England supporters.