Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An invincible summer?

Back in the freezing cold of January with its long dark nights I posted a lament about the misery of winter.

Now we’re in the middle of the summer (at least those of us in the northern hemisphere, bearing in mind that the blogosphere transcends geographical boundaries) and in the grip of a heatwave. Many people are complaining, but I’m not! The scent of blossoms in the air, the long evenings, the graceful flight of swallows, the barbecues, the greenery and bright colours of the countryside, spectacular sunsets, lycra-clad cyclists struggling up Alpine mountain passes and past fields of sunflowers…In my opinion, the summer doesn’t last long enough.


Cybez said...

I love lycra-clad cyclists struggling they can be so annoying ,them and tractors.

Have you seen many "gritters" out in case the tar starts to melt?

Lorainne said...

I don't reckon there are many Alpine passes or fields of sunflowers in North London Ciaran...but I agree the summer is a great time and we shouldn't moan about it....I just wish it was SLIGHTLY less hot!!!

NorthernSole said...

Yes, Lorainne...in the same way that you wish the winter was slightly less cold.

Caroline said...

Can't complain about the heatwave. Just think of it as holiday sunshine that you don't have to pay some travel company for.

Antonio from Italy said...

Another one who loves the summer, the long days, the heat and the scent of the most beautiful season in the world!!!
Can I hug you? :-)
Over here we're living with a constant daytime temperature of 35°C but someone, the majority I have to say, hates this weather and looks forward the winter and the cold. But when the cold and the ice take their grip on them they wish for the summer.
Coherence, we need coherence!

Lorainne said...

Who do you want to hug Antonio me or Caroline??

Northern Sole said...

I quite like autumn as well.

Antonio from Italy said...

Sorry Lorainne,
my comment was meant to Ciaran who wrote the post in the first place.
Anyway, I could hug anyone agree with me about this wonderful heat and don't spend the day complaining for it :-)
Winter is long enough, too long, even over here in Italy and summer is never long enough :-)

Lorainne said...

If you move to California Antonio you will have summer all year round as well as lots of Americans to hug....;-)

Lorainne said...

Reminds me of Don Henleys song Boys of Summer

I can see you-
Your brown skin shinin' in the sun
You got that top pulled down and that radio on, baby
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
After the boys of summer have gone

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