Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I just found out this morning that I stand to inherit US$1.3 million left to me by a dead relative who I never knew. Somebody I’ve never heard of told me in an e-mail so it must be true.

The e-mail from someone calling himself Dan Ibe went like this:

“Dear Friend, Get back to me immediately for neccessary steps concerning your inheritance, following your non compliance to my earlier mail [but I didn’t get your earlier mail] to you last two weeks regarding to your late relative Engr. Paul Smith who died in 1999, I wish to notify you that you have been nominated by the governing council of our Bank and as such you are entitled to your late relative fund which have accrued to US$1.3 Million over years deposited with Standard Trust Bank Plc. On reciept of your response i will furnish you with the necessary procedure to make your inheritance Claims from the bank and it is very important that you note that all fundings, documentation and all trasnfer (sic) fees will be adequately taken care by me since i have mapped out this whole issues properly. Respond to my private email…”

I’m not aware that I ever had a relative called Paul Smith, but I’ll gladly take the money - if it exists. The mystery e-mailer/banker’s name, Ibe is a allegedly a common alias used by Nigerian advanced fee-fraud scammers. Surely, just a coincindence?


Lorainne said...

I expect he needs your bank details or something....I wonder how many people fall for this and how much profit these guys make!!

northernsole said...

Quite a few people have fallen for this in the past, although you have to wonder how gullible and naive someone has to be taken in by this kind of crap.

Anonymous said...

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