Sunday, September 24, 2006

A New Chapter in North-South Relations?

North and South London that is, where athletes from either side of the river are gearing up for a 10 km run to see who's fastest. Given that it's a North v South contest, I wonder if the choice of colours in the Run London logo is purely coincidental. Could Peter Hain have had a hand in the organising?


Headhunter said...

Maybe Ken Livingstone chose the colours, considering he supposedly "runs London", although he doesn't do a particularly good job of it.

Congestion charges, overcrowding, crap facilities for cyclists, soaring crime rates, tube lines are always either delayed or broken down.
It's about time he ran off the face of the earth.

Lorainne said...

So now you are the Dreaming Arm!!! What next??!!! The slumbering eyebrow?? The rather tired toenail??? Or the very exhausted left nostril? Only joking. I like the new name. Very surreal.

A Rationalist said...

Maybe the Greater London Authority chose the colours to represent the ethnic diversity of the city's Indian and Ivory Coast communities.