Friday, November 17, 2006

“A Bono of contention” or “U 2 could make yourself look a right eejit in court”

The prat in the hat

The recent legal (pyrrhic?) victory at the high court in Dublin of self-styled saviour of the world, Bono of U2, in which he won the right to reclaim from his ex-stylist, a number of wardrobe items which he wore on tour nearly 20 years ago has not gone unnoticed in the media. The Guardian is particularly scathing – and quite rightly so:

“While you're on, perhaps you might ask Bono to outline the precise principle at stake in this legal case, and its relative importance? Do the trousers still fit him, given they date from the band's 1987 Joshua Tree tour? Clearly, it's been years since he would have been able to squeeze his inflated head into a ten-gallon hat, but is he attached to them in the manner that some women cling on to a pair of jeans from their "thin days" in the futile hope that they'll one day be able to get back into them? Or maybe some Bono archive is being planned? Have they been earmarked for a foyer display in the presidential library he will eventually bequeath a grateful planet?”

A leading legal academic, reacting to the judgment said “For the sake of mankind, Bono should go and boil his fucking head.”

According to the Daily Telegraph:

“As the world's leaders promised to increase aid to developing countries by £27 billion, the rock group, worth about £400 million, was embroiled in a battle to retrieve items worth £3,500. In a 38-page judgment, Mr Justice Michael Peart ordered that the hat, earrings and clothes should be re-turned to the band as well as two souvenir mugs, a Christmas decoration, two Polaroid photographs and a photocopy of a handwritten list of U2 songs.”

Jesus wept in the corner powerless to intervene.

And from the Irish Times:

“The disputed items were worth about €5,000, but going to law to retrieve them could have cost the image-conscious band a lot more in terms of showbiz credibility. Charismatic Bono tours the world campaigning to reduce Third World debt, while hiring lawyers at home to make sure a woman can't make a few bob selling a pair of his trousers?”

The judge must have thought he was presiding over a pro-bono case. [Cue stony-faced audience and deathly silence punctuated by the sound of tumbleweeds swirling in the wind and the clang of a funeral bell...I'll get my coat].


Lorainne said...

'pro-bono case' very good!!

Anonymous said...

I heard he praised that stylist, admitting that he'd "looked like Nana Mouskouri" before she got at him. I see he's looking like a right nana again now.

CW said...

Among other things, Anonymous!

Lorainne said...

maybe 'anonymous' should reveal himself (I don't mean in the full monty sense ;-)...)

beano said...

... and this guy's getting a knighthood. What a fucking world.

CW said...

Proof, if anything that titles and privileges can most certainly be "bought" in every sense of the word.

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