Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Dead Poultry Society

Kentucky Fried Chicken, that bastion of healthy organic free-range gourment cuisine is now apparently visible from space. Go up there in a satellite, position yourself at a certain spot above the Nevada desert and you’ll see the inanely grinning face of Colonel Sanders looking up at you. A pointless publicity stunt representing hell on earth as seen from space.

Muslim states will naturally be opposed to this. A man who made his fortune by giving the public a taste for naked legs and breasts is not exactly in the spirit of the Koran. It’s probably not halal in any case.
Thanks to Michael Castellon's blog for this. The comments are also worth reading.
So what next? A giant Mars bar visible from Mars?


Parnell said...

Colonel Sanders with his over-priced snack-a-shit crap, heart attack inducing fuck-fries an fuckfused fatted greasy chick-bite bits of hen entrails is a bit of a stunt-cunt, if you ask me - but its only my humble opinion.

Lorainne said...

I couldn't have said it better Parnell. I think there is a burger place somewhere (probably in the USA) actually called Heart Attack.

As a lapsed vegetarian (age 15 decided to be veggie but have been eating fish regularly and chicken now and then) I cannot comment on dead poultry except to say try to buy organic - at least you know it had a nice life before brutal slaughter and no nasty hormones in it. Dead Poets Society is a good film though.