Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Money in the bank

Returning briefly to the African theme, I received another generous cash offer from a benevolent Nigerian in my inbox this morning.

The e-mail purportedly comes from Ocha Douglas, a bank manager from Lagos - and guess what happens when you type that name into Google – yes, the first hit you get is this site on fake fee/lottery scams. A mere coincidence, I’m sure. Ocha is obviously a kind soul as one of his customers, Haryanto Tomo, an Indonesian gent was killed in the tsunami, but not before having deposited $10.5 million in the bank. How convenient. So Ocha’s intententions are purely altruistic as he/she just wanted to send the money on to Mr Tomo’s family, but was unable to track them down. Again, how very convenient. So the $10.5 million could be on its way to me. All I need to do is provide my contact details and it will be transferred.

And just to prove that he/she is genuine, Ocha has stipulated “It may interest you to know that this is no Scam or fairy tale email”. That’s reassuring. Just for a moment I thought it was another scam, but since Ocha has given me his/her word, I stand corrected. Fear not Ocha, my details are on their way.


Lorainne said...

Why do all these dodgy people have your email address?????

Antonio from Italy said...

How lucky you are!
Use all that money properly, think of your friends!

Anonymous said...

how many blogs can you write about Nigerian email scams?

CW said...

As long as I keep getting them they're worth writing about!