Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Springing a surprise too early

We hear so much about global warming and climate change nowadays. Spring seems to come earlier every year. Apparently the daffodils are popping up too soon and bears in certain parts of the world are no longer hibernating. It seems that the retail industry has also succumbed to this seasonal confusion. At the weeked in my local supermarket to my bewilderment I noticed a few chocolate rabbits and the odd Easter egg on the shelves. It’s a whole month before the beginning of Lent alone! There’s still even Christmas stuff still selling at reduced price and they’re already attempting to cash in on the next religious/pagan festival (ie commercial money-making opportunity). And inevitably on the Tuesday after Easter Monday these same chocolate rabbits, a continental European concept I believe will be selling at half price. I will strongly resist the temptation here to make any crap puns about hare cuts or the supermarkets being hopping mad.

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Antonio from Italy said...

Crazy climate indeed! Over here in Turin we had temperatures as high as +27°C on last Friday, then it was just +6°C two days later. Then it rained on Tuesday, then it stopped and now it's good again and they forecast temperatures much higher that the average for the next week.
This should be the month of the frozen landscape, the snow and the icicles hanging from the roofs. But all we can see around us are the flowers and the people dressed like in May strolling in the park while licking an ice-cream...