Monday, February 26, 2007

Shock Horror – National Anthems played at international rugby match!

Isaac shows who's the Boss

The match certainly lived up to its expectations and the atmosphere at Croke Park was electric – you could even tell this from the TV! I’ve been to All-Ireland finals at Croker, but this was something else, despite the rain pissing down throughout the game. The better team won by a mile and they certainly had the overwhelming psychological advantage. It's a fantastic stadium and about time it got the international exposure it deserves.
Then of course, there was the small matter of the playing of a certain national anthem. A rather silly and pointless debate which was milked and hyped up for all its worth by the media on both sides of the Irish Sea. It’s standard practice to play the anthems of both teams at international sporting fixtures, so to suggest anything else is simply irrelevant.
It looks like the ghosts of Croke Park’s past have finally been laid to rest.


Anonymous said...

Brits Out

Lorainne said...

Yes, I am glad Ireland won. As for national anthems, the Brits looked bored during GSTQ anyway, at least the Irish team sung along to theirs!!

grumpy old man said...

apparently the Irish fans really sang "BOD save our gracious team" hehe :)

CW said...

Ironically, GOM, it wasn't the Irish team who needed saving!