Friday, March 23, 2007

I've been tagged part 2

OK, for the benefit of Lorainne, Grumpy Old Man and Cybez, the previous posting just contained a title and no text because for some reason the Blogger set-up on my PC wouldn't allow it. I'm using a library PC now, so below is the text of what the previous post was supposed to have been:

It's come to my notice that I've been "tagged" by Cybez and Lula Bell (as well as Lorainne some time ago), so I've entered into the spirit of things and here are 5 amazing, ground-breaking facts about me:

1. I've climbed Mount Errigal twice
2. I've seen the Blarney Stone, but didn't kiss it
3. I did a stand-up comedy routine at the Empire in Belfast where the compere at the time was a certain P. Kielty who was slightly funnier and less irritating than he is now.
4. I played Freddie Eynsford-Hill in a production of Pygmalion
5. I was a teacher of English as a foreign language in Puertollano, Spain in 1997.

I would love to reveal many more earth-shattering facts about my life (such as the time I climbed Mount Everest during a snow storm equipped only with a toothpick and an armadillo), but the rules of tagging unfortunately specify a limit of 5 things.


Antonio from Italy said...

That's what I wanted to know :-)
- I've seen Mount Errigal twice
- I've been at the Blarney Castle but didn't kiss the stone (my wife did it)
The remaining three things of yours are beyond my skills...
Anyway I was tagged already and my post about it is here

Cybez said...

Have you any of your material from your stand up routine you could share with us :-) PLEASE!

CW said...

Antonio - Very impressive - I don't know many people who have tasted cat food.
Cybez - it was that long ago I don't remember (cop-out!) and in any case it wouldn't translate well into writing. Though I do remember one gag about having been in Dublin for a weekend. I'd noticed that the pedestrian crossings there, as well as the standard red man and green man also have an orange man who lights up between green and red. So I speculated if this was part of a new initiative in north-south relations to recognise the Protestant culture. So if it's a red man you wait, if it's a green man you cross, so when the orange man comes on does this mean you're supposed to put on a bowler hat and cross the road singing "the Sash"?
[Cue eerie silence punctuated by the intermittent clanging of a funeral bell and the howling wind].

Classic NI humour.

Lorainne said...

Where do fish sleep?
On the sea bed.

A strange man told me that one once. I've been tagged too I think although have already written 5 things once, will try to find some more earth shattering facts.

Julia Buckley said...

How come you didn't kiss the blarney stone? Surely you missed an opportunity there? Maybe it looked a bit icky.

Lorainne said...

Maybe Ciaran doesn't believe in the power of the Blarney Stone Julia.

Antonio from Italy said...

I don't know many people who do that either, Ciaran. Only one apart me :-)

Happy Easter to you, to your family and to all your readers!

CW said...

Julia - I just don't see the point in kissing a stone!
Antonio - somebody has to do it I suppose! Happy Easter to you too and all followers of An Cat Dubh!