Saturday, January 05, 2008

Franco-Italian relations on the up

Guido Fawkes in his blog brings our attention to the relationship between French president Nicholas Sarkozy and the glamorous Italian model Carla Bruni. The idea of one our political leaders in the Hiberno-Britannic archipelago pulling off such a coup would be unimaginable. There is of course the well documented laison between Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik and the cheeky girl, but can one picture the likes of Blair, Brown, Ahern, Salmond, Paisley or McGuinness arm in arm with a supermodel? As Alan Partridgfe would say "backo fthe net!"

Probably not worth blogging about, but a good excuse to print a titillating picture of Signorina Bruni in a pathetic attempt to get more publicity for this blog.


mope monster said...

So you resort to pin ups to increase your hits do you CW....! Does this smack of desparation????

Being glamorous isn't everything you know. I am sure Cherie Blair is very interesting once you get to know her - well Tony must have thought so as they had quite a few children together...!!!!

Antonio from Italy said...

In Italy Carla Bruni became famous only few years ago, after the release of a CD where she sings her songs. Then nothing again until this past December when the news of her affair with Sarkozy got the first pages.
Italians don't love her too much and lately there are rumours that Carla Bruni stole the man of an Italian actress. This man was Eric Clapton. According to what this actress says, Carla Bruni used her beauty to deliberately steal Eric from Lory.
Carla Bruni is Italian but she never lived here.

CW said...

Antonio, it seems she may be a gold-digger craving attention from the Elysée Palace, where she'll find plenty of it!

Chelsey said...