Thursday, February 21, 2008

Premier League looks to GAA for ideas

It looks like the furore over the ridiculous commercially exploitative idea of Premiership football matches taking place overseas has died down after FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter effectively said "over my dead body". The Premier League has been accused of an obession with money and commercialisation which has been to the detriment of the football, not to mention the supporters. I broadly agree with this analysis, but contrast this with the attitude of a great non-professional sporting body, which has always prided itself on its amateur ethos, but has come in for some criticism of late because of its increasingly money-driven outlook - namely the GAA. The Premier League must have been inspired by dis great Asso-see-ayshun in coming up with the concept of playing matches abroad. The idea is far from new - and was in fact pioneered by the GAA when they decided to hold the 1947 All Ireland final between Cavan and Kerry in New York!

What next? The FA Cup final to be played in Croke Park?

Stranger things have happened.


Chekov said...

You know what? It wouldn't surprise me. The Premiership is disappearing up its own arse at a scary rate.

CW said...

As if the stag weekends weren't bad enough! Can you imagine hordes of Chelsea or Arsenal supporters descending on Temple Bar to down pint after pint of Guinness and dish out abuse to Polish bar staff? Of course, if it was Man Utd who were playing the supporters wouldn't have far to travel!