Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Twenty's Major Accolade

Congratulations to that mysterious blogger known only as Twenty Major who collected the prizes for best blog and most humorous at the Irish Blog Awards held over the weekend. His irreverent and at times sick humour has livened up the blogosphere no end.

Well done also to the Sluggers for scooping best political blog award – as I said on Friday I knew they wouldn’t go away empty-handed! And to all the others who won awards as well as those who didn’t – keep the spirit of blogging alive! Damien Mulley’s done a great job of getting a relatively small group of dedicated individuals together for what I’m sure was a great night. Long may the Irish Blog Awards last. The Dreaming Armadillo hopes to send an envoy over next year.

On a different note, I would urge any readers to spare a minute to look at the Victor Connell Trust Fund website and to make a contribution however small to help this unfortunate young man. I would also ask any bloggers out there who haven’t already done so to publicise this worthy cause on their own blogs. Further details at Gavin’s Blog.

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