Friday, March 10, 2006

The Wild Bloglands of Ireland

Bloggging about blogging is a common thing within the “industry”. The Dreaming Armadillo is no exception amid the excitement that has been building up throughout the Irish blogosphere and its overseas empire for months now in anticipation of the inaugural Irish Blog Awards to be held in Dublin tomorrow night.

I wish I could be there as I’m sure a good night’s craic will be had by all. Good luck to all those nominated for awards, and especially to Mick and the team at Slugger O’Toole, the very site which inspired the armadillo to dream its way into cyberspace. I’m sure they won’t go away empty-handed.

There’s a warm-up piece on the event by Jon Ihle in today’s Irish Times. Ihle comments on the coincidental timing of the awards just a few weeks after the Dublin riots when many bloggers covered the story with pictures well in advance of the mainstream media.

In a few thousand years’ time when the cyber-archaeologists are excavating their way through the virtual compressed matter of the blogosphere they will no doubt find many amazing artefacts and a few well-preserved “blog bodies” buried within these bloglands.

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Cybez said...

"cyber-archaeologists" I hope there's none yet.....I wanna an easy life ;-)