Monday, April 24, 2006

The Meaning of Life

There's a number you can text on your mobile that will give you the answer to any question. Send them a question by text and they'll text you back in a matter of minutes with the answer. So I tested them with an easy question - what's the meaning of life? While I was wondering what kind of smart-arsed answer I would get, I wasn't kept in suspense for very long. About two minutes later I received a text message saying:

"In The Meaning of Life written by Bradley Greive, the answer is summarised thus: 'figure out what you love and do it'".

Well, I suppose it's a better answer than 42.


Caroline said...

I liked 42. It was quite profound.

Figuring out what you love isn't always that simple and then if you love more than one thing which one do you choose or do you spread yourself around all the things you love rather than just one thing that you cant quite decide on without endless deep thought?

42 is much simpler!

CW said...

True, Caroline, but neither answer explains why we're here. This could be the subject of endless debate right across the blogosphere.

Lorainne said...

Not everyone loves doing things that are good for society - so this answer is really a load of bollocks Ciaran. Still what else can you expect from a cheap text service - what is the number by the way??? - I might have a go ;-)

On a serious note I think it is great that no one knows the meaning of life as the quest for meaning is what motivates us and keeps us wanting to live. It would be so boring to know everything wouldn't it??

Caroline said...

We are here to learn how to be happy.

Antonio from Italy said...

next time ask them why it is that the handset cord is always a mess after you finish a phone call :-)

CW said...

It's a good question Antonio! I'll try and remember that!