Thursday, July 06, 2006

Still got the blues

Apologies to any regular readers (if such rare creatures exist!) for the recent proliferation of World Cup posts, but as the greatest show on earth will all be over for another four years very soon please be patient!

So for the very first time the final will be – as some of the commentators with pseudo-literary aspirations might say – a clash of Latin giants, France and Italy. If it was Brazil against Argentina it would be South American giants, if it was Fiji against Tonga it would be a clash of Oceanic Polynesian island minnows. But as it stands, it will be the Gallic against the Italic (author’s italics), les bleus versus gli azzuri . The media clich├ęs have of course abounded. Apparently the domestic game in Italy is in turmoil after a series of alleged match-fixing scandals rocked the country to its foundations. France, on the other hand have been branded team of geriatric has-beens under the captaincy of veteran midfielder and Fish formerly of Marillion-lookalike Zinedine “Zizou” Zidane. The French are supposedly on their last chance to prove themselves as worldbeaters once again by emulating the spirit of ‘98 before the zimmer frames take priority and the incontinence kicks in.

So will it be a case of forza Italia or vive la France? Will there be partying in Paris or razzmatazz in Rome? Will fans be getting frisky on Frascati or sozzled on Sauvignon? Will there be misery in Marseille or frustration in Florence?
As always, time will tell.

Once the World Cup’s over I’ll have to start blogging about the Tour de France, cover the doping scandal before the race which lead to the disqualification of favourites Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso and bemoan the abysmal lack of coverage on terrestrial television.

Don't you just love the summer?


Lorainne said...

Regular readers??? Only me perhaps - is my cheque in the post??? I am supporting Italy now for no logical reason and with no Italian blood at all. I will be sorry when the football is over although am hardly a committed fan - just like the atmosphere of the world cup - I can't really say I am looking forward to Tour de France Ciaran - a bit like watching paint dry...or watching cricket - same thing.

Northern Sole said...

Unless you do it yourself you’ll never understand. The Tour de France is a metaphor for life itself – the highs and lows, the agony and the ecstasy that we all go through in our daily lives. The colourful explosion of carbon fibre, titanium and lycra that is the peloton as it winds it way past fields of sunflowers, through ancient river valleys, Alpine and Pyrenean passes, the pain on those faces as they agonisingly pedal their way up mountains in the pouring rain or the sweltering heat determined to reach the top. It’s man v nature, David against Goliath, the quest for perfection we all embark in our individual lives.

The peloton is the individual, the race is the journey we all take in life, the yellow jersey is the ultimate prize we all strive towards. You’ll be able to see all this for yourself when Le Tour comes to London next summer!

Antonio from Italy said...

This a great post, Ciaran, well written!
But I didn't understand who you're supporting... maybe none of the two? :-)
And don't worry about your regulars, I'm always here, practically everyday and every now and then I leave my comment

Northern Sole said...

Mile Grazi, Antonio.

I will of course be supporting gli azzuri. 24 years without a win is too long! Let's hope the famine ends on Sunday!

Cybez said...

Love Island is starting soon ;-)

Caroline said...

Feel free to write about cyclist thighs wrapped in lycra for the rest of the year.

Lorainne said...

I may take a slight interest when Le Tour comes to London, but only to see the cyclist thighs wrapped in lycra!! You could interpret virtually anything as a metaphor for life Ciaran, even the inside of a yoghurt carton.

Northern Sole said...

So the inside of a yoghurt carton can be a metaphor for life, Lorainne?
Please tell me more!

Lorainne said...

The white empty space......symbolising the directionless feeling we all experience at times....the circular design, showing the endlessness of life and the way everything is always renewing and returning to the source like the big wheel of reincarnation favoured by the Buddhists...the sticky remains of yoghurt in the bottom reminding us of the uncleanliness and imperfections in ourselves....oh the analogies are endless Ciaran (as is my ability to talk bollocks.....)