Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Footballing n-Euro-sis for England fans

Barney Ronay commenting on England’s failure to qualify for the 2008 European Championships summed it up perfectly in The Guardian a few weeks ago:

“Next summer will be notable for the absence of people with painted faces drinking 12 pints of Hoegaarden while watching England play Sweden at the back room of their local Wetherspoons. The ongoing will-they-can-they-should-they-it’s-a-bleeding disgrace dialogue that circulates through every office, train carriage, school, building site and blog in the country, like a gigantic viral Chinese whisper, will be stillborn.”

As far as I know Wetherspoons pubs have a policy of not having televisions (or music or pool tables, etc), but apart from this he’s more or less summed it up.

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Mope Monster said...

Football is duller than a dung beetle's left nostril whilst being filmed in slow motion. And the players in general are overpaid retarded louts. Rugby is the way forward. Oh and gaelic football of course.